Moving Healthcare Business Ideas Forward

What We Do

The GENEX team deftly navigates the ever-changing waters of healthcare and the intricacies of investing.

At GENEX we focus on assisting investors seeking to acquire or roll up physicians’ practices. Our years of hands-on, real-world experience in the business of medicine helps you gain insider healthcare knowledge, providing value-added insights about specific medical practices, their operating efficiency and issues likely to shape their prospects, and put into practice the latest healthcare developments.

GENEX Healthcare provides specialized consulting in all aspects of the healthcare industry. This includes payer practices, physician and staff productivity, information systems, technological advancements, medical ethics, hospital practices, insurance complexities, regulatory changes, healthcare strategy, and financial analysis.

Our primary area of expertise is urology and men’s health. However, we are well positioned to cover the spectrum of medical specialties, having direct access to prominent physicians who own or manage successful practices in, but not limited to orthopedics, dermatology, cardiology, radiology, nephrology, neurology, and oncology. We also have access to experts in commercial transaction law and business development.

Services We Offer

GENEX Healthcare Consulting works with a wide range of clients that includes private equity and venture capital groups, hospitals, family practices, the pharmaceutical, biotech and advertising industries, medical device companies, artificial intelligence developers, law firms and healthcare suppliers, among others.

We apply our knowledge about the business of medicine to help you screen potential acquisitions, assess the plausibility of forecasted revenue and operating expenses, and identify prospective changes in the regulatory and operating environments most likely to impact future results.

GENEX provides you with the resources to move your ideas forward:

  • Provides technical review of a practice’s business plan and projections

  • Evaluates operational and administrative efficiency

  • Determines whether patient enrollment and revenue are optimized

  • Assesses vendor and payer relationships

  • Suggests steps to strengthen branding and mitigate reputational risk

  • Identifies potential impact of new technologies and medical procedures

  • Reviews adequacy of quality control systems

  • Assesses strategies for retaining physicians and staff

  • Alerts you to the latest healthcare developments and breakthroughs

Who We Are

Genex is a professional firm that has the flexibility to provide one-on-one relationships with each of our clients.

GENEX Healthcare Consulting stands out due to our deep knowledge of the business of healthcare. Prominent practicing physician Eugene M. Fine, M.D., a board-certified urologist with decades of experience building and growing profitable practices, leads the GENEX team. Dr. Fine also has gained extensive experience leading surgical teams, driving cost efficiency, shaping academic discourse, and crafting innovative solutions to the challenges of healthcare regulation, technology, practice integration, patient retention, and insurance reimbursement.

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Our Team

The GENEX team includes top leaders in the fields of medicine, business, and law. With this combined expertise, we focus on helping investors acquire or roll up physicians’ practices.

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At GENEX Healthcare Consulting, we use our business and medical expertise to help support your investment strategy and put into practice the latest healthcare developments. Let us help move your healthcare business ideas forward today.